head2Hello, friends! If you want to know a bit about me, I guess I should write something here… I’m a former programmer with a degree in physics, now working as a patent lawyer. I’m studying Latin and Ancient Greek as a hobby. Oh, and amateur radio is another hobby of mine; you might find me on the airwaves as AG6HC. I speak English, Spanish, and Esperanto fluently, and hopefully Latin, which I too often neglect, will someday be on that list. I still have a long way to go with Ancient Greek. I’m also hoping to pick up German at some point…

Now you know a little bit about me, I guess. If what you really wanted was to contact me, well I guess I can help out with that too. Here are some methods below:

Email: jeremiah@jeremiahstoddard.com
Fediverse: jstoddard@avfig.com
Radio: SOBARS repeater in Chula Vista: 146.085 (+) 100.0

(On May 28, 2016, I updated the above to remove Google+, which I rarely use at the point; remove Identica, which moved away from statusnet; add GNU social, which replaces my Identica account; and add Diaspora. Everyone who is concerned about corporate control over their lives and personal information should make the effort to replace Facebook, Google+, and other big social networks in their lives with GNU social and Diaspora.)

(On July 27, 2021, I removed the GNU Social and Diaspora accounts and added a Friendica account, which can be followed from GNU Social, Mastodon, Diaspora, and other Fediverse networks.)

Also, you can occasionally find me in person at GLADIVS meetings, if you’re willing to speak Latin for a couple of hours…

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