Mormon Pacifism and Some Updates

Posterous is in the process of shutting down, so I’ve moved my site over to WordPress. I’ve imported the articles from the main site, and over time I’ll review the blog entries and repost the ones I consider most important. If any of you readers remember a blog post that you’d like to see back on the site, feel free to let me know.

One of the important entries which was posted on my old blog was an old essay from 2011 on Mormon Pacifism. While I don’t necessarily stand by every detail in the essay today, the general concepts are good, and I think it’s a decent essay from someone just beginning to explore the concept of pacifism within the framework of Mormonism. Additionally, even if my views have evolved (I would hope to be able to say, “matured”) somewhat, it still is a pillar of this site, and a good introduction to the philosophy behind the religion-themed pacifist essays here. The link below will allow you to download the essay.

Mormon Pacifism (pdf, 466 K)

3 Comments to “Mormon Pacifism and Some Updates”

  1. Evangelicals in the U.S. are probably just as ‘immune’ to Christian pacifism as are Mormons. Conservatives of all stripes will beat the war drums. Many would be surprised to learn of the writings of the early church on the subject and even statements by modern heroes of the faith like Moody and Spurgeon.
    And a great many read the Bible so superficially that they have little idea of the meaning of a verse in context. e.g. Scripture’s commands in Romans 12 and 13, See the article linked on the “Scripture” page on this pacifism resource blog:

  2. well, this is wonderful, and I can’t wait to look it over–

  3. Really enjoyed the Intro on Mormon Pacifism. Opened up many eyes in my ward. Also met a lot of resistance. The Wheat and the Taress are alive and well in Zion.

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